Cybersecurity for Control Communication Protection

Syfte och mål

C3P explores cybersecurity at interfaces of automated vehicles systems: vehicle, network infrastructure and network services, in RISE Awitar and hacker attacks at AstaZero.


Cybersecurity for Control Communication Protection – C3P combines leading partners vehicle manufacturer (Volvo), 5G infrastructure (Ericsson), operator (Telia) with research partners (RISE) and the site and test owner (AstaZero) to identify the weak parts from a cybersecurity aspect in the solutions of automated commercial vehicles operations in confined areas. The project will focus on the end-to-end information flows and connections between systems and platforms that are used in commercial operation of automated vehicles within confined areas. This will be done by:

  • Testing, with verification and validation on platform and systems level
  • Generating attacks, simulating attacks, creating signals in controlled test
  • environments including live drive of autonomous driving vehicles connected to the 5G networks at AstaZero
  • Evaluating how the end-to-end system can handle the attacks
  • Assessing the resilience and if the end-to-end systems are fault tolerant. Are the systems able to detect a threat or attack, recover, and then restart operations as if nothing has happened?

Fakta om projektet

Koordinator: AstaZero
Deltagare: Ericsson, Telia, Volvo Autonomous Solutions, RISE
Stödnivåer: 50%
Projektets löptid: sep 2021 - mar 2023
Status: Avslutat